How Sarasota Become A Town

By |2020-04-01T00:30:16+00:00April 1st, 2020|Blog| We're sharing some great moments in Sarasota history! Discover how this sleepy little fishing village became incorporated into a town, and the most folksy little town seal you've ever seen. Check out the 1902 shirt HERE. Thanks for supporting Compass Rose History Experiences!

Lovably Local Podcast (Bonus Episode!)

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Lovably Local Podcast Episode 11 Bonus Episode: Mimi and Andrea Interview Each Other The Lovably Local Podcast is produced by Compass Rose History Experiences. Hosts Mimi Cirbusova and Andrea Knies have conversations about the importance of local history in a way that is relevant to the listener -  wherever they may be. Music: Oh! By Jingo! by All -Star Trio

Complete Top 5 Old Buildings Lists

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In celebration of old buildings in Sarasota that are still in use, we decided to each curate a top five list. Although, it was difficult to narrow it down to just five,  we hope that you enjoy our final selections, complete with blog posts and our own fan art!    Andrea's Top 5 Mimi's Top 5 5 Binz Warehouse 4 Sarasota Times Building 3 Sarasota High School [...]

The Mystery of the Missing Fruits

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This mystery begins with a map (as many good mysteries do). A 1925 Sanborn Map courtesy of Sarasota County Historical Resources to be exact. In case you were wondering (which I am sure you were) Sanborn maps were created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for fire insurance, Mimi and I were using them to plan an historical tour. Before we begin this mystery, it [...]

The Quest for the Great Floridians Plaques

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In 2000, the Florida Department of State and the Florida League of Cities created the Great Floridians Program to celebrate the people who made a significant contribution to the culture of Florida through philanthropy, public service, or personal or professional service. Nominations were accepted in 1999 and put to a committee of state historians. In Sarasota, there are 14 people who were given the accolade of Great [...]