Mimi’s Number Five: The Historic Courthouse

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The Historic Sarasota County Courthouse 2000 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236 Architect: Dwight James Baum Built by: Stevenson and Cameron, Inc. Completed: 1927 Postcard from Mimi's personal collection | Postmarked April 11, 1929. Published by Roth Cigar Co., Inc. One of the first (I'd dare say among the first 10 or so) Sarasota postcards I acquired featured the Historic Sarasota County Courthouse. The view of [...]

The Mystery of the Missing Fruits

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This mystery begins with a map (as many good mysteries do). A 1925 Sanborn Map courtesy of Sarasota County Historical Resources to be exact. In case you were wondering (which I am sure you were) Sanborn maps were created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for fire insurance, Mimi and I were using them to plan an historical tour. Before we begin this mystery, it [...]

The Quest for the Great Floridians Plaques

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In 2000, the Florida Department of State and the Florida League of Cities created the Great Floridians Program to celebrate the people who made a significant contribution to the culture of Florida through philanthropy, public service, or personal or professional service. Nominations were accepted in 1999 and put to a committee of state historians. In Sarasota, there are 14 people who were given the accolade of Great [...]