Lovably Local Podcast (Episode 10): Save History, Make History

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Lovably Local Podcast Episode 10 Save History, Make History: Why Old Buildings Matter with historic preservationist Lorrie Muldowney The Lovably Local Podcast is produced by Compass Rose History Experiences. Hosts Mimi Cirbusova and Andrea Knies have conversations about the importance of local history in a way that is relevant to the listener -  wherever they may be. BOTA Center  Music: Oh! By Jingo! by All -Star Trio  

Complete Top 5 Old Buildings Lists

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In celebration of old buildings in Sarasota that are still in use, we decided to each curate a top five list. Although, it was difficult to narrow it down to just five,  we hope that you enjoy our final selections, complete with blog posts and our own fan art!    Andrea's Top 5 Mimi's Top 5 5 Binz Warehouse 4 Sarasota Times Building 3 Sarasota High School [...]

Andrea’s Number One: The Sarasota Terrace Hotel

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Sarasota Terrace Hotel 101 S Washington Blvd Built 1925/1926 Architects: Francis Palmer Smith and Robert Smith Pringle 1925 drawing of the Sarasota Terrace Hotel from Pringle and Smith. From "The Architecture of Francis Palmer Smith, Atlanta's Scholar-architect" By Robert Michael Craig Charles Ringling was dedicated to developing an economic infrastructure for his beloved Sarasota. He opened a bank, donated the land for the courthouse, and [...]

Mimi’s Number 2: Municipal Auditorium

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There are certain buildings in Sarasota that would truly devastate me forever to see gone. This is one of them. The Municipal Auditorium is likely a building that you've driven past hundreds, if not thousands, of times before if you live in Sarasota. Maybe you've been inside for a special event, like a wedding, fundraiser, or (my annual favorite) Atomic Holiday Bazaar. This half-barrel building on the [...]

Andrea’s Number Four: The Sarasota Times

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The Sarasota Times Building 1216 1st Street, Sarasota FL 34236 Architect: Dwight James Baum Builders: Ricketts and Haworth Construction Began 1925 Completed 1926 Don’t let the 1899 that is carved above the entrance at the Sarasota Times Building fool you. That was the founding of the newspaper, construction on this building began in 1925. Founded in 1899 by C.V.S. and Rose Wilson, The Sarasota Times was the [...]

Andrea’s Number Five: The Binz Warehouse

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The Binz Fireproof Warehouse and Storage Company 1646 10th Way, Sarasota, FL 34236 Binz Lambert Construction Completed 1926 Frank Binz came to Sarasota from Chicago in 1925 and quickly established the Sarasota Transfer Company, Binz Lambert Construction, Binz Cast Stone, and the The Binz Fireproof Warehouse and Storage Company which comes in at #5 on my list. When the Warehouse was built, it was on the corner [...]