Lovably Local Podcast: Season 2, Episode 1

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Lovably Local Podcast Season 2, Episode 1: Uncle Ben and Capt. Leach Part 1 The beginning of our first history mystery, Uncle Ben and Capt. Leach.  The Lovably Local Podcast is produced by Compass Rose History Experiences. Hosts Mimi Cirbusova and Andrea Knies dive into local history mysteries.  Music: Oh! By Jingo! by All -Star Trio

An Open Letter to Sarasota’s First Female Postmaster, Carrie Abbe

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Dear, Carrie - Sarasota sure is a different place than it was when you were Postmistress. Today I was dropping off postcards to my local USPS branch, and I was reminded how much we owe to people like you. The USPS is at risk right now, and I am scared we will lose this essential service you worked for 31 years to uphold - never taking a [...]

How Sarasota Become A Town

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https://www.facebook.com/CompassRoseHistory/videos/554936161841839/ We're sharing some great moments in Sarasota history! Discover how this sleepy little fishing village became incorporated into a town, and the most folksy little town seal you've ever seen. Check out the 1902 shirt HERE. Thanks for supporting Compass Rose History Experiences!

Andrea’s Number Two: S.H. Kress Store

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S. H. Kress & Co. 5-10-25 Cent Store 1442 Main Street Architect: Edward F. Sibbert Builder: G.A Miller Built: 1932 Samuel Henry Kress opened his first "stationery and notions" store in Pennsylvania in 1887. By 1896 this had turned into a chain of S. H. Kress & Co. 5-10-25 Cent Stores (yes, 25 cents too!). I am a big fan of five and dime history and could [...]

Mimi’s Number 2: Municipal Auditorium

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There are certain buildings in Sarasota that would truly devastate me forever to see gone. This is one of them. The Municipal Auditorium is likely a building that you've driven past hundreds, if not thousands, of times before if you live in Sarasota. Maybe you've been inside for a special event, like a wedding, fundraiser, or (my annual favorite) Atomic Holiday Bazaar. This half-barrel building on the [...]

Lovably Local Podcast (Episode 5): Here Lies Our Next Episode

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  Lovably Local Podcast Episode 5 Here Lies Our Next Episode: Historic Cemeteries as Outdoor Museums with local historian Phaedra Carter. The Lovably Local Podcast is produced by Compass Rose History Experiences. Hosts Mimi Cirbusova and Andrea Knies have conversations about the importance of local history in a way that is relevant to the listener -  wherever they may be. Music: Oh! By Jingo! by All -Star Trio   [...]