Lovably Local Podcast (Episode 1): You Are Here

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  Lovably Local Podcast Episode 1 You Are Here: How the Streets Got Their Names with Local Historian John McCarthy The Lovably Local Podcast is produced by Compass Rose History Experiences. Hosts Mimi Cirbusova and Andrea Knies have conversations about the importance of local history in a way that is relevant to the listener - wherever they may be. Music: Oh! By Jingo! by All-Star Trio   [...]

The Glass Blowers

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There's no doubt that Sarasota has changed. Anyone that has lived here in the last 10 years has seen rapid growth and development, and I must say that there are parts of this town that feel like foreign lands compared to how they looked in my childhood. These changes intrigue me because I know that people remarked how different Sarasota was from their own childhoods when I [...]

The Motor Hotel Mystery

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Demolition of Sea Breeze Inn My daily commute includes the North Trail. Everyday I watch as the iconic mid-century motels meet their demise. I understand that these buildings are dilapidated, but it still hurts my history nerd heart to see them go. I had been attempting to write a blog post to honor the era of the motels, but I was having a difficult time [...]