Mimi’s Number Four: The Blue Pagoda Building

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Blue Pagoda Building 655 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236 Architect: Victor Lundy   Completed: 1956   Photo Credit: Magnum Builders My Number 4 of my Top 5 Favorite Buildings Still Used as Buildings is the Blue Pagoda, located near the intersection of Tamiami Trail and Boulevard of the Arts.  The celadon tiles of Victor Lundy's Blue Pagoda building can be seen in some [...]

Barbara Bowers: The Face of 50s Sarasota Tourism

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A while back, I was perusing Florida Memory (a service of the state's Division of Library and Information Services), and a bubbly blonde woman in a 1950s Barbie-esque bathing suit was gleaming at me. Her name: Barbara Bowers. Barbara Bowers poses with a beach ball on Lido Beach - Sarasota, Florida. 1954. (Photo courtesy of Florida Memory.) Maybe it was her impeccably coiffed hair. Maybe [...]