Compass Rose History Experiences Time Travelers

Get ready to travel back in time with Compass Rose History Experiences. This one-year membership allows you to explore Sarasota and Manatee Counties in a whole new way on a special quest, receive exclusive deals and discounts, and have access to member-only events and goodies.

Your membership includes:

  • Time Traveler’s Quest Passport: Choose your own local time travel adventure from our Time Travel Passport. Complete this self-paced quest through Sarasota and Manatee counties and you will receive a custom Time Travelers gift!
  • Time Traveler Magnet: This is going to look great on your car (or refrigerator or file cabinet or anywhere metal)!
  • Exclusive Compass Rose Time Travelers’ Event: As a Time Traveler you will receive an invitation to an exclusive Compass Rose History Experiences event! This event is free for Time Travelers, and you may bring one guest at a discount rate of $10.
  • Early Ticket Sales: Time Travelers will be able to purchase tickets to Compass Rose History Experiences 48 hours before tickets go on sale to the public.
  • Time Traveler Deals and Discounts: As a Time Traveler you will receive a membership card. Periodically, Compass Rose will alert you to special Time Traveler deals and discounts in the area that you will receive with that card.

Membership is only $50/year. When join, we will send you a box with all the goodies you’ll need to begin your quest.

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2020 Time Travelers

  • Price: $50.00
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