Custom History Experiences

Compass Rose History Experiences creates custom history experiences for local organizations and groups. Mimi and Andrea will meet with your organization and create a custom history experience to meet the needs of your organization in an informative and fun way.

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Local Historical Consulting

Compass Rose History Experiences provides consultation to assist local Sarasota groups with accurate historical information. Providing information about the location, business, or building helps to create a connection with the public and your organization. This information may be used on websites, on menus, on as a display in buildings.

In addition, we provide consulting services to local historical societies, museums, and clubs throughout the United States to assist in creating historical experiences to share their own local stories.

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The Collection

Previously presented Compass Rose History Experiences custom programming becomes part of our Collection. Once added to the Collection, these experiences are available for other organizations that would like the topic to be shared with their group.

Badass Women of Sarasota History
Original Presentation: May 28, 2019
Hear the stories of some of the amazing women that helped create Sarasota. Featured women include, Rose Wilson, Carrie Abbe, Katherine McClellan, and more.

Rosemary for Remembrance
Original Presentation: July 16, 2019
Learn about some of our founding Sarasotans that are buried in Rosemary Cemetery.

Off the Rails: The History of the Train in Sarasota
Original Presentation: September 24, 2019
Step back in time to 1903 and the train’s arrival in Sarasota and learn about the tremendous impact it had on the community.

Saved by the Bell: The History of Education in Sarasota
Original Presentation: October 21, 2019
Learn about the early pioneers of Sarasota education and those who pioneered new educational institutions in the area.

Myths, Legends, and Downright Lies
Original Presentation: November 26, 2019
When it comes to history, you can’t believe everything you read! Hear about some local myths and legends and the truth behind the stories.

45 minute – 1 hour presentation: fee $250

Downtown Sarasota Walking Tours

Compass Rose History Experiences provides three distinct downtown Sarasota walking tours to local groups. 

A Year in the Life: 1926
Starting at Five Points Park and walking down Palm Avenue, this tour takes you on a journey through the year of 1926.

The Main Event
Walk down Main Street and learn about the people, events, businesses, and buildings that created our downtown and walk away seeing it in a new light.

The Other Side of the Tracks
Focused on the east side of downtown, this tour will explore the founding of our local government and the early transportation industry.

1.5 hour long tour for up to 20 people: fee $250